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New Screens Available in Oxnard, CA

If you love fresh air and have pets, then you know how important it is to have good quality window and door screens. They let you open your windows to let in a breeze while keeping bugs out and your pets in. When you need new screens in Oxnard, CA, Good Neighbor Screen Shop can provide you with the screens you need for all of your windows.

Good Neighbor Screen Shop is unique from all other screen suppliers. We are a mobile screen shop, which means that when storms, wind, or time damage your screens, there’s no need for you to do the replacement work yourself. Good Neighbor Screen Shop will come to your home or business and provide new screens or repair services.

Examples of our new screens in Oxnard, CA

Window and door screens don’t last forever, especially if they aren’t high quality. You might find holes in the mesh, or the frame might be bent or warped. Good Neighbor Screen Shop can come to your home or business and install new screens so you can let the fresh air into your house.

If you recently had your screens replaced but inclement weather has damaged the mesh, Good Neighbor Screen Shop can help. We provide screen repair services along with replacements. We will install new mesh so you don’t have to get new frames.

Pets can damage screens with repeated scratching and pulling. Good Neighbor Screen Shop can install special pet-proof screens that will keep your pets indoors and withstand tugging from claws and paws.


Multiple colors to choose from!

Good Neighbor Screen Shop provides a wide range of window and door screens. Choose from a selection of colors and styles to find the one that best fits your home. We also provide custom sizing for large or small windows and doors.

Let Good Neighbor Screen Shop do all the work! Call us today at (805)658-8674, and we will come to you.